The bad news is the snow isn’t going to melt any time soon. But don’t worry – we’re here to help with your snow removal needs. Focus 4 Development is a Calgary-based snow removal company with more than 15 years experience helping people keep their driveways and sidewalks snow-free and safe.




We offer snow removal for residential and commercial properties. We have a range of experience removing snow, including small driveways and commercial clients with large properties. We’re happy to provide snow removal services on a monthly basis or on an as-requested basis.




Pay What You Want

Why don’t you provide price guidelines?

We want to build a trusting relationship with our clients built on mutual respect and honour. We’re confident in the quality of our snow removal services and by allowing our clients to determine the value, the Pay What You Want Program is creating a relationship beyond just a financial transaction.

What if I don’t want to pay anything?

Pay What You Want Program means you set the price. If you aren’t satisfied with our services, or if your financial situation doesn’t allow for you to budget for snow removal, you can chose to pay nothing. The Pay What You Want Program is an exchanged based on mutual respect and what you value our service at.

I don’t know if I can afford your services.

One of the reasons we developed the Pay What You Want program is because we wanted to be able to help and work with the clients who really need our services. We know snow removal can be challenging and sometimes dangerous for many people to do on their own and we don’t want your budget to limit you from getting a service you need.

Giving Back

How does the charity aspect of the Pay What You Want program work?

Focus 4 Development will donate 10 percent net profit as determined by your Pay What You Want, less applicable sales taxes, and payment processor fees (which typically average three percent across all transactions) to the charities we are supporting.

What charities will Focus 4 Development be supporting?

We’re proud to support the Distress Centre, Self High Five-Personal Empowerment Society, Calgary Food Bank and The Calgary Humane Society.

Can I get a tax receipt for the portion of my payment that goes to charity?

No, we are unable to issue a tax receipt for the portion of my payment that goes to charity. Focus 4 Development is not a tax-exempt charitable organization and therefore we can’t issue receipts.


When do I pay?

Monthly Service: We email monthly invoices with no amount entered. You set the price based on the dollar you value our service at and pay upon receipt. This can be done online or by calling our office.
Per Time Service: We will give you an invoice at time of removal with no amount entered. You set the price based on the dollar you value our service at and pay upon completion of snow removal.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, cash or cheque.

I think this is amazing! How can I help?

We’d like to spread the word about our services and you can help by sharing our website with your friends and family. Don’t forget that the first time you hire us for your snow removal needs, we’ll give you a coupon, valid for one residential snow removal, for you to give to a friend, family member or neighbour.

You can also help and get involved in the Calgary Snow Angel Program to assist
those in need. Please contact us for more information, request service, and get involved.

Or call us at (403) 201-6774


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